CPSC3710, Prepare to be owned…

That’s right. Prepare to be completely and utterly owned.

In my computer graphics class, our first assigment is to create an image that is raytraced. We have the option of using POVray or any other modelling package to render out some scene. The teacher wanted us to do a landmark in Southern Alberta. Having took a class last semester in 3D Modelling in Maya and having had some previous experience with other modelling software, I decided to pick something a bit more… challenging. There are two small prizes being given away to the two best renders – one done in POVray and one done in any other piece of modelling software. Guess who is going to win one of those? 😛

I’m not quite done it yet, but I present to you the Post Office in Lethbridge: (You can see some pictures of it here – just the first few images). Check out the last two shots in particular – there is some nice radiosity happening. Click the thumbnails for bigger shots.

Post Office - In Maya Shot 1

Post Office - In Maya Shot 2

Post Office - In Maya Shot 3

Post Office - Quick render 1

Post Office - Quick Render 2

Post Office - Quick Render 3

Post Office - Quick Render 4

Post Office - Quick Render 5

Post Office - Quick Render 6

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