Chocolate Rose…

School has eaten all my free time, so I haven’t done any coding on my 4E6 entry in a while. I did manage to make something cool last week – a chocolate rose. Once a year there is a special dance called “Preference”, where the girls ask the guys to the dance, rather than the other way around.

To show my appreciation to the girl who asked me, I made her a chocolate rose. The white part was cast from a cube of chocolate that I made, and then hand carved using a set of chisels. The brown parts were cut from a sheet of dark chocolate that was cool enough to be slightly flexible, but firm enough to work with, and were then carved with the details. The pink stuff underneath is cherry flavoured fondant (like the stuff in the middle of chocolates, or the icing on high-end cakes). It took a bit of work and quite a bit of mucking around to figure out how I was going to do it. The end result is pretty nifty though. Wouldn’t you agree?

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