Slow going…

It seems as if things with my 4E6 entry are going slower than expected. The camera still isn’t working the way I would like it to. Right now there is some strange behaviour that happens. When you roll onto your side, and try to look up and down you end up looking side to side. That, and there are a number of other things that still aren’t working quite right. I think the goal for this weekend will be to get the camera class working properly (and possibly refactor the entire thing while I am at it), as well as start the GameState/Screen system. Either way, I wish that things were moving along more quickly. That, and I don’t quite feel like posting anything in the Unofficial Screenshot thread, as I really would like to pull off a big surprise at the very end. I don’t mind posting things in the blog, as I know that not too many people read it. Consider it a perk for those who read the blog/devlog.

Either way, I need to get some more coding done. Goodnight!


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