Dell + Purolator = Dog and Pony Show

So a few weeks ago a friend of mine told me about a sweet sale on the Dell website where they had Viva Pinata and Perfect Dark Zero (both for Xbox 360) for $4 each. I got one of my roommates to use his credit card to order Viva Pinata, which totalled $4.24 including shipping. Today, after getting back from school I found a purolator (courrier) notice on the door saying they had a package, and that the guy had missed me so the package was back at the main pick-up place (which also happened to be on the other side of town). I managed to catch a ride over there with the couple that lives in the basement below us. As it so happens, you have to have a federally issued piece of ID with your current address (the shipping address) on it. Well, I don’t – I’m a freakin’ student. I just moved in here a month and a half ago, and to heck if I’m going to get my driver licence changed because of that (not to mention the fact that I will be moving again in two months. I have all my important mail sent to my parents address anyway). So, the lady at the counter tells me that I have to be home when they deliver it, or supply a piece of federal ID with the shipping address on it, or go through a process with Dell and Purolator to get it authorized so that I can pick it up (a slow and painful process from what I understand). Well, staying at home and waiting for the package guy to come wouldn’t be bad – except I am at school pretty much most of the day. So I went and talked to the married couple (who were waiting in the car), and one of them comes in with me, with their ID with the current address (which is the same as the shipping address), everifying that I do indeed live there. Nope, no go. They got snarky at us and told us that it was Dell Policy (which we asked to see, and they showed us). So, now I have to hope that they try and deliver the package again before 10:30 am, as I have class to be at for 11:00 am. You’d think that having two witnesses who live at the given address, me having two pieces of identification with my name on (one federal, another saying I am a student) would be enough. Apparently not. Thus my conclusion:

Dell + Purolator = Dog and Pony Show



  1. Nicolae

    Same exact thing happened to me… I got so fed up, I ended up telling the purolator worker (who had been rude), that he was just blindly following policies, and acting like a fucking drone.

    Incredible incompetency if you ask me.

  2. Joel

    I can’t blame them for following policies – it is their job, but when their policies prevent legitimate customers from receiving service, it is a problem.

    I had it happen again, this time after moving to Calgary. Luckily they accepted a receipt from my rent as proof that I lived there.

  3. Cindy

    Similar thing happened to me, and, according to Google, tons of others.

    And of course it has to be YOU that goes to pick it up. I had Dell send me a CD that was required to fix my Dell computer.
    It was my sister’s computer (I live about 8 hours away), but the Dell account is under my name and bank account. Doesn’t matter that we both have the same last name, or that she could bring in a piece of official mail proving we were related, and she lived at the delivery address.

    First, it was like pulling teeth to even get Purolator to make a second attempt to deliver the stupid thing to my apartment and the window of time for the delivery was “Anytime during the business day”. Right. Because people have all day, on a weekday, to sit at home and wait.

    Well, long story short, he came and somehow no one must have noticed, because there was ‘sorry I missed you’ note on my mail slot, and I didn’t even receive a phone call, despite the fact that I had called the Purolator office after they missed me the first time to make special arrangements to get the package on the day of delivery attempt #2 – and that I stated it was ‘urgent’.

    Purolator was rude, and snarky during all of my dealings with them, and Dell, while apologetic could do nothing but escalate the complaint up. (mind you I did have to jump through hoops to even speak to a supervisor).

    So, yes, long story short – this stupid policy needs to be changed.

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