XNA Game Screen Management…

So I have been doing a bit of thinking about implementing a screen system that allows the user to navigate through various menus (eg: a main menu, options, the main game with an inventory screen, etc). I first came across this article, and was quite impressed by it. Since then another sample has come out on the XNA Creator’s Site. I am going through the code and trying to understand how it all works. From what I have seen so far, it is quite ingenious.

I do realize that the samples have been out for a while, but I still think it is worth the read if you have the time.


  1. Joel

    Very nice! I had more or less forgotten that I had posted this.

    I’m currently using a slightly modified version of the XNA Hub sample. This might be a bad idea, but ust recently I reworked it so that each GameScreen has a reference to the Graphics Device and to the Content Manager. This way the code for loading and displaying content is just a bit shorter and cleaner.

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