About upgrading hardware….

So last night I was thinking about it – I have an old P3 550 Mhz sitting in my closet, doing nothing (I picked it up for free, thinking I could turn it into a small web server or something like that). Anyway, it turns out it has a 160 GB harddrive in it. Last night it occurred to me that I could throw the 160 gig drive into my current desktop (A P4 3.4 Ghz) and have a pair of 160 gig drives. The only thing is that my current harddrive is SATA while the other, older one is not. Anyway, I cracked open my case to see if I could manage to get it in there, but it was a no go. All my IDE cables are full (taken by a disk drive, a DVD burner and CD ROM). It’s a bit of a shame, really. I have a 160 GB drive sitting here, doing nothing. The old machine also had a 128mb Radeon 9250 in it, which I have lent to my downstairs neighbors.

It is always handy to have a few extra pieces of hardware on hand, especially when something breaks.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a 160 GB IDE harddrive, a P3 550Mhz processor, an ISA phone modem, or a 52x CD burner, just leave me a comment (and an offer to consider).

EDIT: In case anyone is really curious, it’s a Western Digital WD1600, manufactured in Nov. of 2004.



  1. Rick Johnson

    Do you still have the WD1600 driver? Is the WD1600 a Cavair WD1600BB? I might be interested in it if it is still around.

  2. Joel

    I will check it out when I get home. I do still have it, although I might be inheriting another machine that I might put it in. I will give you a shout either way in a few days.

  3. Rick Johnson

    Would you be interested in a trade of equal size? I could use the parts from your WD1600 if it is a Cavair WD1600BB (IDE) built in 2004…thanks

  4. Rick Johnson

    Thanks for the effort and picture! You are correct, it is the WD1600JB. I believe it has operational parameters that won’t work with the drive I have. I will keep looking. Thanks again, I appreciate it.

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