Todo 4.0 possible features…

Last night I was doing some thinking about the next version of Todo. I think there are a few big features that I would like to add:

  • Timers/Alarms – Rather than just having a todo list, one of three tabs at the top of the main window would be for timers/alarms. A timer would be exactly that – a timer that would either count up or down, and notify the user when it’s time. The Todo list is good for letting you know when a particular task is due, but it is quite subtle when it does notify you. If it’s time to pull my dinner out of the oven, I want something a bit more… alarming. Hence the idea for timers and alarms. A timer would let you know when a certain amount of time has passed, eg: 30 minutes. An alarm would go off at a certain time, like an alarm clock.
  • Notes – I noticed that a few things in my todo list aren’t really things that I need to do, but rather notes that I would like to keep track of. Instead of having them plugginig up the todo list, why not put them in their own section?
  • Task Categories – Simple enough. I would like to be able to categorize my tasks, according to categories like Work, School, Home, etc. The big part of this is that the end user will (or should) be able to add their own categories.

So… how does this sound?

EDIT: Sorry, I got a bit ahead of myself there. I do intend on releasing the final version of Todo 3.0 before I start any work on Todo 4.0. There are only a few small things that I need to do before I feel comfortable releasing Todo 3.0 as a final product. Unfortunately XNA seems to have snagged my attention. Don’t worry though – the last few Todo 3.0 changes are on my todo list… 😉



  1. Peter Gulka

    The days of desktop-only apps are over. Have a look at what folks are doing with Adobe’s new Apollo platform. The real future of ToDo is a lightweight app that can be accessed over the web from anywhere.

  2. Joel

    To a certain extent, I do agree with you – but I am not about to foot the bill for a server and bandwidth for a free app. If/when I do switch to having a web based system, it will cost me, which cost then has to be passed on to the end-user. It really wouldn’t be difficult to do, but I am not interested in investing money in it at this point – only time.

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