Coming along nicely…

Things with this whole new Blog/Devlog are coming along quite nicely. I finally got some of my projects up. Go ahead and check out Todo 3.0. I think it is looking quite good (the program, not just the website!). I still need to put up the page about RecoveryRealm. RecoveryRealm was our final project at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. For our last semester of the Computer Systems Technology program, we had a real client come in with real needs. We had to build a product that met our client’s needs. It was quite fun, and quite a learning experience. In our case, the client wanted an online community for recovering addicts. We were competing against two other groups. Luckily we came across a content management called DotNetNuke. It allowed us to do all sorts of crazy things, and totally meet (and exceed!) our client’s needs. Anyway, enough about RecoveryRealm. (I have to save something for the project page :P)

I ought to give a big thanks to Danny Lokhorst – a former roommate of mine. He did the photoshop job of me on Gordon Freeman’s body. Danny is currently serving a mission for the LDS church in Georgia (the US State, not the Asian country).

(For those of you who are curious, Gordon Freeman is a video game character from Half-Life and Half-Life 2. He’s a lean, mean, crowbar swinging, gun toting, fighting machine with a Phd. A particular level in the original Half-Life was called “Follow Freeman”, hence the “Follow Bennett”).

Anyway, I probably ought to get some sleep.



  1. Peter Gulka

    I graduated from CST in 2003 and now work at NAIT as a Systems Analyst/DBA. My own project course was an utter failure 😦

    My own coding has gone the way of open source – PHP/MySQL-bassed apps. Like you I am relying on established 3rd party products and coming up with creative use of them, instead of building stuff from scratch.

    Good work on keeping up with your coding!

  2. Joel

    The only true failure is when a person is given an opportunity to learn, and doesn’t.

    By using established 3rd party products, we were able to provide a good final product but at the expense of what we didn’t learn. Looking back in it, it really would have been nice to be able to create a site from scratch. I would still like to write my own ASP.Net forum software, but being a full time student doesn’t allow much time for my own projects.

    That’s pretty cool that you are working at NAIT. I really quite liked it there, and wouldn’t have any qualms about recommending it to anyone. I imagine working there is a little different, but if it is anything like being a student there, it must be quite enjoyable.

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